Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

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**Available at Summerlin – Henderson Coming Soon**

Put your climbing skills to the test when you tackle our indoor rock climbing course. Push yourself beyond your limits with a variety of skill levels. With our soft, bouncy landing surface, you needn’t fear falling.

Walls for All Rock Climbing Ability Levels
Start with our easiest course. Even kids can build their confidence on our beginner indoor rock wall. As you conquer one wall, challenge yourself to the next level as your ability grows.

Build Your Strength and Stamina
You might think that your arms are all that figure into conquering an indoor rock climbing wall. That’s not the case. Your cardiovascular system, too, gets one heck of a workout as your heart pumps the oxygen that fuels your ascent to the top. Most surprisingly, your legs, too, get into the picture as you balance yourself and push off to the next highest rock.

You’ll develop your problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination as you figure out the most efficient route to take to the summit. That’s not all. Concentrating on that one goal—getting to the top of the wall—takes away any stressful thoughts you might have. Once you get to the peak, you’ll feel that rush of endorphins that come with achieving your goal.

With our full-access pass, you can challenge yourself at the indoor climbing center along with a variety of other heart-pumping activities. Accept the challenge of the climb. Book your indoor rock climbing session today.

Summerlin Location - Job Application
4245 S Grand Canyon Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Phone: 702-579-9999

 Henderson Location - Job Application
1235 W Warm Springs Rd
Henderson, NV 89014

Phone: 702-579-9999 


• Both Locations •

Sunday 10am to 9pm • Monday thru Thursday 2pm to 9pm • Friday & Saturday 10am to Midnight

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