Trampoline Wall Jumping

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**Available at Summerlin & Henderson Venues**

Your mom always told you that you were “bouncing off the walls” when you were a kid. You’ve never lost that active itch. With trampoline wall jumping, you can literally fulfill that childhood urge to bounce around the room. Our Olympic wall trampoline features a regular trampoline underfoot surrounded with walls made of the same bouncy material. Defy gravity like a superhero as you leap up, run up the wall, flip, and land back on your feet again without a scratch.

Try the Newest Extreme Sport—Wall Trampolining
That feeling of defying gravity is why wall trampolining enthusiasts champion its debut onto the extreme sports arena. Even Olympic gymnasts, looking for an even greater challenge, dream of wall trampoline becoming an official event at the X-Games.

Hone Your Parkour Skills in a Safe Space
Parkour enthusiasts, too, can practice new feats of daring without risk at FlipNOut Xtreme’s trampoline wall place. Leap and flip to your heart’s content without fear that you’ll hit the wall at the wrong angle. Since our walls are simply vertical trampolines, you can learn from your mistakes, correct what you did wrong, and hone your skills until you get it just right.

Walk the Wall–Just for Fun
You don’t have to be a Parkour star to enjoy walking on the wall, though. With a little practice, even beginners to trampolining can experience the thrill of walking on the bouncy vertical surface.

Want to try this exciting new sport on for size? Check out our FAQs or book a session on our wall trampoline today.

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